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I need to get my mother some of them gloves, I swear she coats her fingers in butter every day.

Having said that, those bowls look like they could be worth next-to-nothing, perhaps from IKEA. I'd break them all personally, I hate the colour of them.

The ad, though, is neat. I suppose comments should occasionally refer to them...

And Ivan, is it me or has the site been taken over by additional Google Ads?

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Yes man, I have to... bandwidth is sooo expensive and we had 7 million page loads last month. I'm very happy, but I'm no Google! I need cash to pay the dedicated server for the next 3 month.

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Hi Ivan,
It wasn't really a complaint - I've just accidentally clicked the Google Ads placed near the Next Ad button, so in a weird way I guess I'm helping you earn that money for the new server.

7 million page loads a month is more than impressive. We need to start a petition for cheaper bandwidth. Or a new way of crunching data. Couldn't you set up a mirror on Blogspot and get Google to cover your bandwidth costs? Now that would be funny.

Keep up the good work fella.

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i feel the stickes on the 3 similer bowls have lost the shadows inside the bowls.. they dont look really placed on them! :\
apart form that... good work

| Everartz |

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Dick Huges
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My name is Dick Huges and I approve this ads.

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love it.

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I like these. Nice.

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I like this one the most, but they're all nice, but you would expect nothing less from Matt and his team

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Surely the concept would be strong if it was shot in situ?

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Boony wants a beer
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Yeah in situ might have been cool.

Piss the line off too I reckon. Doesn't need it.

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these series of ads are great. i love how simple and purposefully neat it is and yet it's unconventional.

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