Church End: Shakesbeer Campaign, 1

Someone's been on the Shakesbeer
The Bard's Birthday Ale
4% ABV

Advertising Agency: Rees Bradley Hepburn, Birmingham, UK
Art Director: Stuart Jackson
Copywriter: Mike Kalin

March 2010


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Haha. It says it all.

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Reality Check
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At what point might creatives be arrested for doing work so ugly it causes aesthetic blindness in hundreds of onlookers?

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Photographer doesnt get a credit ?

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Anonymous Author
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The bard loved an ale of an evening, and he certainly loved to pun.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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not very aesthetic , different though

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i think it's beautiful. johnny is an institution in dc.

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Just the best!

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Casting isn't great.

I get that this ale is going to give me a Shakespeare do.

But i don't like the fact that it is also going to make me look ugly.

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