Chupa Chups: Swing

For a smokeless world
Chupa Chups

Creative Directors: Miquel Sales
Art Director: Jordi Rins

March, 2011


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Somewhat creepy, but nice.

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love the look and Art Direction but it does have a small creepy sexual tone to it unlike the other one

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I somewhat like this print. It's playful like the product.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
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I love the insight, better do ChupaChups then smoke! ;-) indeed a bit creepy though.

JablesVanBuren's picture
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super creepy, but an interesting idea to target smokers. I liked it.

JustinCarrasquillo's picture
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Love the cgi/photography!

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miko1aj's picture
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fantastic approach. interesting thing is that there's somewhere melancholy in this world, some kind of longing. I wouldn't.

everartz's picture
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its a very nice art and retouching but its not telling me anything.. i cant link the visual with the copy!

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Dharmesh aka danny's picture
Dharmesh aka danny
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Thought it is creepy somewhat, but still conveying the message.

Dharmesh Padia

Boxey's picture
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I like the ad, except for the "life less serious" tagline done on the wall in the background.

jackblack's picture
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Smells... of scam.

Anonymous Author's picture
Anonymous Author
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Cute, sentimental, maybe a little corny even. Exhilarating proboscis though.

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Glut's picture
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weak credits :) This could never be publish, never the less art work is excellent.

freakart's picture
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reminds of candy in my childhood that was shaped like a cigarette


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