Chupa Chups: Sunset

Do you speak chupa chups?

Advertising Agency: 1861united Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Roberto Battaglia Pino Rozzi
Art Director: Marrollo Alice
Copywriter: Serena Toppeta
Photographers: Pierpaolo Ferrari, Tommaso Fiscaletti

December 2007


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Guest commenter

I think designer has made statement with these ads: eat chupa chups and their chimneys will fill the sky with pollutions.

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hahhaha, but it is truth, my first association was with a chimney.

Don´t like copies without a single change.

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Doesn't work at all.

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Guest commenter

I don't believe Pierpaolo Ferrari shoots so poor photography. It seemes from a bank image,

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What does that mean? Do you speak Chupa chups. Rubbish.

How to fuck up a good client. Wasted effort.

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i don't speak clearly with candy in my mouth either. these work for me, but this execution does look like a smoke stack.

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made me laugh guys. nice idea.
But...this seems to me just a layout...there are some strange colors on the edge of the stick.
oh, and the font is terrible.

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Guest commenter

The first though that crossed my mind was cannons. Warship cannons.

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Guest commenter

"Do you speak chupa chups" is embarassing...

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Renan Correa
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good trying...



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Guest commenter

nun me piasce.

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It's a phallic symbol. I'd worship it, but it isn't big enough.

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I kinda like it. It says Chupa Chups are so good/different/heavenly that their taste is comparable only to the sky...

The line may work better in Italian, though.

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