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no comment.

multifake's picture
24 pencils

"less is more"

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
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I beg you. Please, PLEASE do not use that phrase to attempt to give legitimacy to this tripe.
You obviously do not grasp the "concept" of less is more. Matter of fact, it is so "less" that you left out the whole concept from the ad entirely... Do not embarrass yourself by quoting an "idea" you don't understand to warrant the complete (and painful) lack of an idea in your ad.
And please don't even attempt to come back with your postmodern "no idea IS the idea" bullshit. Because, then you'll be standing on an awful shaky ground with people pointing fingers at you laughing...

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Agency in Paris seeks copywriter capable to put meaning in your visual ideas.

Applicants should submit resume and cover letter via email.


multifake's picture
24 pencils

maybe you'd prefer the actual chupa headline "the pleasure of sucking" or something stupid you would do like that...

andrej dwin's picture
andrej dwin
937 pencils

honestly, I would.

but perhaps we're all just stupid and envious, so don't mind our comments.

I loved that copywriter wanted joke, though.

AdArena: Sex Sells

multifake's picture
24 pencils

maybe something like "drink coca cola" sounds good, hu ?

Pacific Blue's picture
Pacific Blue
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Ok, I don't get it,
so I guess It will achieve a press lion the next Cannes.



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euclid the gree...
98 pencils


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On the upside you can easily tell an award winning piece. ;)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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hahahahaaa )))

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Brilliant!!!! Unlike this ad!

zoio's picture
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oh, now i think i got it...

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The worst ads are those ones that you have to check the campaign´s name to get the idea...

in this case It´s hard get it though.

multifake's picture
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this is exactly what i think too, this is why there's no obsolete text.
if anybody doesnt get that it is simply someone sucking a lolypop i don't know what to do of these persons


teenie's picture
1894 pencils

So you're saying there's no idea behind the ad? Just a bunch of people with lollipops in their mouthes? What did Chuppa Chups hire an ad agency for, then? Serious question - how did you get the client to buy the no-idea idea?

It's like selling Seinfeld, I guess.

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the world is crazy,
what to say more

Rog's picture
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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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some person french please do the honours of explaining this to mere creative people like me

Brainsugar's picture
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Yes of course.
So, this is bullshit and I think it's a joke from those french guys, to see if there is people staring at those ads.

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Gee...me no getting it...me must be dumb. i want my momma. sniff!


Not all who wander are lost.

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-The emperors new clothes all over again.

There is no idea. Stop looking for it.

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These are lollipop ads but it's look like they have thermometers in their mouths. They look like ill people but their faces express different tastes.

correct :D ?

multifake's picture
24 pencils

your work distorted your mind, you search for enigma where there is not.
just a shot

kingzeus's picture
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from the look of it, it seems that the models are also confuse

"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

futura's picture
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i don't get it all

Kateter's picture
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it's simple: if you lick Chupa Chups you'll look like an idiot.

clear case of honest advertising ;-)

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1368 pencils

she does look kinda cute with that lollipop in her mouth though

multifake's picture
24 pencils

thank you for your natural(human) reaction

this means no more, no less

finally there are some normal being persons posting here


justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

maybe everybody who posts here is either gay or female


multifake's picture
24 pencils

thank you very much for your atention

Pacific Blue's picture
Pacific Blue
335 pencils

Good Job Dude!

You fooled us,
but tell me once thing, how did you get this effect on the logo?
did you scanner the logo and clean it up with photoshop?
I thing it works better in this way (with wrap effect) than in a clean freehand look.


(^_^) I'm not chinese, I'm constipated

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Dalbir Singh
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Since Chupa has won in cannes there has been a surge in Chupa ads all over the blogosphere. Same goes for Axe, Oil of Oley etc...


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The product sucks. The ad sucks!!!

Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture
Jarne von Wolfsburg
264 pencils

I like the girl. I hate the ad

el rey del pan tostado's picture
el rey del pan ...
19 pencils

she's kinda hot!...I think the idea is to show diferent reactions to chupa...or not.

JosPer's picture
70 pencils

Yeah "chupa-orgasmic"

Advertising Pawn's picture
Advertising Pawn
419 pencils

So it's ok to submit fake ads from a fake agency to let attention-whores parade about their self-assumed photographic "talents", now?


Join the rarely updated ad orgy here: http://www.advertisingpawn.com

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Lollipop ads are for suckers.

addyhoch10's picture
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is she a he?

Rog's picture
6092 pencils

Lose the logo.
It's irrelevant.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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