Christmas of Rio Sul Mall: Two

Rio at 40ºC is only cool when you mean 40 degrees above zero.

Agency: Giovanni + Draft FCB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Adilson Xavier, Cristina Amorim and Fernando Barcellos
Art director: Fernando Barcellos, Cidney Neto and Carlos Assolan Paboudjian
Copywriter: Ricardo Weitsman and Thiago Fernandes
Photographer: Ricardo Cunha


satan's picture
181 pencils

look & feeeeeel

Desi's picture
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So is Delhi. But what is the concept?

the_ashlands's picture
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i cant view the original ... anybody else have this issue?

deep_tracy's picture
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maybe a part of the mall was closed off and filled with artifical snow. still, the headlines are stupid and irrelevant.

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this work is forced too much... the copy too much nothing, just a bad joke, a game word... this don't sell the mall, don't sell Rio, don't sell.
i saw very great works from this agency... with Creative Director Fernando Campos... where is he?

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