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Nice drawing. doesn't really make me want a Suzuki Swift but what would.

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Pretty cool... if you're targeting Tatooists and taggers? :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Jonathan Betancur

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Cool illustraton!

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great illustrations... but what does it mean?

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its either this campaign or another one i saw very very similar to it long time back.. not fresh idea thou.

| everartz |

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These are great.

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Charlie Pratt
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I've really, really tried, but I can't get into this style. Good drawing, but I don't know what it's trying to say about the product. I'll never understand how car companies spend so much time and energy on engineering these cars, only to shrink 'em down and surround it with a doodle.

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bonito dibujo, y?
(Consejo por lo menos retoquen bien la foto del auto se ve muuuuuy fea, nada de appeal)

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lo único que puedo decir es que me parece brillante. Ahora que se acerca la Navidad, es una pieza que integra perfectamente el producto, sus características, sus beneficios y el momento de realización. Bravo por Suzuki. (

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maybe rog is right?

I love it and Im covered in tattoo's..who knows?

Nice art though.

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very nice illustration

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being very but very picky: you should take out the reflection we see in the car...

in the reflection i think we see normal streets/buildings (and i don't like the lighting of the photo either), so if this car is in this "crazy world", why i see the normal world in the reflection?...

just a opinion, because i like these. this one specially, for christmas season, i think it's a very original way to say merry xmas with your product. cool!

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The style is overused. I've seen it black ink , pencil, etc. Nothin' unique.


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Felicidades a Radhames German...te la comiste!!!!

ahora...¿me gustaria saber que hizo Rodolfo Borrel para llevarse todo el credito??????

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What if we take the car out, and sign BIC ?

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Check these out first:
these are before BIC, how do you like them apples?
Call the people from BIC and tell them what you think now.