Christian Radio Shock 105.3 FM: Hold

'I want to hold your hand' Lennon sang it for the first time 45 years ago. Jesus has been saying it for over 2000.
There's very good music and music that is very good.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guatemala
Creative Director / Copywriter: Victor Garcia
Art Director: Mario Guerra
Producer: Raul Pineda

June 2008


Marcela Cáceres's picture
Marcela Cáceres
108 pencils

Paul sings it!!
But I like the other ones

ricklongo's picture
1244 pencils

Both of them do, actually. Although lennon sings the main vocals in the verse, and Paul does the high-pitch work.

Marcela Cáceres's picture
Marcela Cáceres
108 pencils

I just realized that I kept singing "I saw her standing there" haha You are right on this one

macu's picture
14 pencils

OMG I really like it !!

Fabio Eymael's picture
Fabio Eymael
189 pencils

Is it a gospel FM Radio?

devon_connax's picture
30 pencils

maybe, at least thats what it feels like...if so, then why the references to non-gospel songs? nto working for me, and the phrase at the end just isnt clear...they need a better copy

jencaldwell's picture
8 pencils

yes i think is a gospel fm


StuartLittle's picture
468 pencils

Excellent typo campaign

Absolut M's picture
Absolut M
1069 pencils

uhmmm religious radio?

Guest's picture

So having no creativity of your own you feel it's okay to use others. Great moral stance. Oh, and Jesus hasn't said anything in two thousand years.

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