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The typography is pathetic. Especially considering the tone of voice in the healine.

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Not Woody Kay

The front of every boat is called a bow.

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Scott Shinbarg

Can you guys come up with anything new? This stuff is old. It's like you guys
are trying to be like Carmichael but did a terrible job at writing and executing.

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this client has so much potential to do something great, but didn't...i had to struggle to read the copy (not good)...struggle to get why it's all tinted in blue (still confused about that)...and struggle to understand the idea (if it exists)...oh least i tried...

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borderline pun.but that's the least of its problems.

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is this the quality of american advertising? visually poor, headline is not giving the impact for a powerful boat as it supposed to be, maybe the brief was done by a dumb CS!!!
if the attempt was to make the ad in a psychedelic pattern .. then they lost it!
i also think creatives missed it here in terms of putting the ad in one atmosphere its mixed and distracting...


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I'd agree that this campaign is pretty lousy. But to bash all of american advertising for it is ignorant. There are a lot of great ads coming out of america, and lots of bad ones. The same is true for europe, south america, india, etc. Let's talk ads and agencies, and not bash all of american advertising for one crappy Chris Craft campaign.

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Art Direction–? Copy writing–? Typography–?
Not impress at all plus blue color overwhelming the powerful boat.

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