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So she's telling them something about a story of a guy who reads that magazine... Or she's just inciting them to do it. And they all seem to love it!

I still haven't got a clear thought about this campaign. Maybe a coffee will help.

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From the visual, I can actually reads what the Indian account director is thinking...."Ohhh, the ad agency pays 2000 Reminbi to this art director and this is the crap they produced?" You're fired!

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Another People
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"And u r fired too! Poppy!"

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she's ripping off ideas from the magazine and selling them to her clients...

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sorry to say, but she looks a brainless copycat.

for an ad magaine like this, smarter ideas are mendatory.

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She looks like a gold fish gulping for air...or a blow-up doll. Either way, NASTY!

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ha...should have used Electric Art, your favourite retoucher!

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