China Automobile Association: Mirror, 1

The truth. After two drinks, your attention while driving will diminish by up to 76%. CAA reminds you not to drink and drive.

Advertising Agency: Ice Cream Communications, China
Creative Directors: Jesus Gu
Art Director: Venson Chen
Copywriters: Jesus Gu
Published: June 2008


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Idea is cool. Dramatic colors are OK for the concept. But, that reflexion is not possible... But it's only a detail...

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True True, if only they really study how a mirror reflects.

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Guest commenter

thats the whole point.
it's how a drunk person would see it, not neccesarily the right way

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That bugs me too, especially on the other execution. I'm not sure why the mirror is even needed, they could have just had the grim reaper peeking out from behind the tree.

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I believe the mirror is needed. It reflects how an intoxicated person's perceptions are physically off.

Now, if the mirror's angle error could be corrected, it would be stronger.

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maybe the other side of the road is a curve, too...

efox5's picture
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maybe the other side of the road is a curve, too...

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Well I like it, but if this is a final, it looks like a draft level Ad to me...


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Great ideas, why use other element behind the mirror.

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I like the insight.
It reminds me of one of my favorite ads from from way back...
It's danish but I thought I'd share it with you anyways...
(Its not the same idea... just reminded me)

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the visual looks so cool....too bad the idea isnt communicated thoroughly....

"I have no friends, and don't want any." - Michelangelo

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i like. optics aside, it gets the point across and that is the main goal.

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"CAA reminds you not to drink and drive."

Why is it necessary to put the agency name? Sigh.

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would it be better if it was a print with a road image instead of a mirror?

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maybe it's a print with a road image but we all think it's a mirror

lol :)

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efffff! two drinks!!!

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nice one, man! ;)

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the mirror isn't even facing that curve, so how could possibly reflect it. Good idea or not, this is a big mistake

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modern drunker
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the only problem is the title "mirror"
to me it's a drunker's vision

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this is a cool campaign, but those tire marks, are not necesary.
good job anyway.

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