Children's Hospital Foundations Australia: Twister

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Advertising Agency: de pasquale, Brisbane, Australia
Creative Director: Lars Vester
Art Director: Daniele Milazzo
Copywriter: Jake McLennan
Illustrator: Ebony Truscott
Published: August 2008


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I like the illustrations and the idea/sentiment behind it. I think that works. However, I think the execution is too negative.

I would have preferred to show how the kids benefit from somebody helping the hospital. Show someone helping the poor kid catch butterflies or playing a game with the girl with a broken leg. I think the problem is emphasised too much at the expense of the solution.

- Commenting in all caps with poor spelling and grammar is so done before -

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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I agree with your comment, but I love this "- Commenting in all caps with poor spelling and grammar is so done before -" haha, I hope some of those jerks read that :-)

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Im agree with that!!! nice illustration!!

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I agree as well. I love the illustration. The sentiment is great, but I think spinning it in a more positive way would make people feel more inclined to help to spread cheer instead of inclined to help to feel less guilty.

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nothing bad.


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"Sonja looked at the Twister sheet with unrepentant disgust. 'DAMN YOU, MILTON BRADLEY!' she shouted as she waved her crutch, 'DAMN YOU FOR TWISTING MY ANKLE! AS GOD IS MY WITNESS, I WILL NEVER PLAY TWISTER AGAIN!"

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she doesn't even have to bow to touch 4 spots at a time. So lucky...

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Chan TheJunction

Whoa what a sad picture...

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Guest commenter

Sorry Dale, SeanMartin's comment was too funny and I believe it would not have had the same impact had it been lower case.

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Nothing relevant on this ad ... next please!

Simple ideas are the best !

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I like the concept... very good... touching.

Swati Paul's picture
Swati Paul

the illustrations are cute! The sentiments are targetted right on dot with the way the idea has been executed.

Swiss's picture
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high on sentimental value the illustrations make the ad work!
stay happy folks!

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Twister? Oh, she's to young for twister.

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I would like to ad: Guilty we are. Even if we've forgot. Good good ad.

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So how is my donation going to help her leg cure faster?
Doesn't work.

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