Children's Hospital Foundations Australia: Mask

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Advertising Agency: de pasquale, Brisbane, Australia
Creative Director: Lars Vester
Art Director: Daniele Milazzo
Copywriter: Jake McLennan
Illustrator: Ebony Truscott

August 2008


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I don't get this one. What is she holding? a condom?

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she can't blow bubbles dude

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dude!, she is ill, she can't play like other kids, you did blow bubbles growing up right?

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a condom with a stick? look twice

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I have to admit, I was thinking the condom thing too at first. It took a while to realize what she was actually holding. LOL Not an especially strong ad and certainly one with mixed messages for the casual viewer.

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OK... you're both right... since she's ill, she can't blow the condom ;)

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I totally thought she was inspecting a condom.

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este es el que me parece el mejor de todos...
muy buen trabajo

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missed my turn
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I'm sorry, but these illustrations are cracking me up. (Hahaa they're so bummed)

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She could blow with the mask off. Is she scared to get the bubble sick?

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she scared to get blow...job

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simple and well crafted.

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