December 2008
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In Germany 180.000 children are abused every year. Please contact your local youth welfare office if you have the slightest suspicion.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Daniela Bardini
Graphic Design: Jacqueline Tenschert
Copywriters: Christine Deinhart, Ralph Müller
Photographer: Camillo Büchelmeier
Make Up: Tommy Opatz
Lithography Agency: delta E GmbH

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It's not aimed at the abusers, it's aimed at people who SUSPECT child abuse. And assuming that only uneducated people ( you don't have to be 'smart' to know Munch, just educated) are 'wife-beating, child-abusing' morons is completely incorrect! You don't abuse someone because you're stupid or undereducated... You abuse someone because you have deep-seated psychological issues and were probably abused yourself. Writing off abusive people by pretending they're all just idiots and we're all better than them isn't helpful; abusers need a ton of help, too.

There probably IS a correlation between a lack of education and abuse, but it's probably a spurious correlation- by that I mean that although you often see the two together, they aren't related.
People who are emotionally unhealthy tend to have less education (because they can't focus on school, end up dropping out, etc.).
People who are emotionally unhealthy ALSO tend to be more abusive than normal, healthy people.
So a lot of abusive people probably ARE undereducated, but that's not because one is an EFFECT of the other- rather, they both tend to occur under the same condition (being emotionally unhealthy), so you get a lot of cross-over. But there are still a lot of educated, intelligent people who are abusive. Whether or not you are abusive has NOTHING to do with your intelligence.

Anyway, the image of Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' is recognizable to most people, even if they don't know the title and artist. Although, for people who DO know the history behind it, it's not really about this at all, it's just about an experience he had where he 'felt a scream pass through nature' (I always figured it was a panic attack, personally). So it's almost LESS affective if you know the story behind it. However, that's really only if you over-think it. I still think it's a beautiful ad.