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Good Layout and nice Thought

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This is the only one that works.

Most of the burger doesn't 'burn' you at all, and a pizza's less effective than the chicken (will take longer to realise that that's a pizza if not placed beside the chick pic).

And it's 3 of the same idea. Surely there are things at home that'd burn you other than the iron.

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I'm guessing it refers to Heart burn!
or chest burn...

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Chook illo feel doesn't stand up in this campaign.
Lovely thought, none the less.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I dunno, the metaphor seems just wrong to me..too contrived

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i'd like to know how many of these from JWT actually ever saw the light of day!!! it's an arabic market - to be more specific, a design-oriented market.

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