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Joke advertising

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this chewing gum comes whit jokes for read...

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What the hell is a joke gum?


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What the hell is a joke gum?


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this sux big time.

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ads should care about their correct translation!

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good visual, but high quality copy needed

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my good ideas get rejected and this shit makes its way on the site, yes AOTW is just like the rest of the world

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Marlus Lau
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Why is the kid's hair wet? And they could have taken off the skin bright on the cheek, it seems oily.

About the idea, will kids want to look like clowns? Is this proper considering the target?

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I doubt this ad sells.. It's just not appealing.

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No way!

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Sorry but... What´s the joke?

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this chewing gum comes with small jokes for read...

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I think its so cute and simple! for those of u that couldnt care less about the product as long as they have the superduper concept, its a chewing gum that comes with a cute joke on the wrap, its so for kids! and the ad is showing me a kid/clown chewing his gum, whats so complicated about this? stop being such hard asses! have a little more fun! There is no such thing as bad advertising only people that either like it or not, right?

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Funny, but something is wrong with is mouth.(photo) This ad works with kids and this is what all this is about.

Simple ideas are the best !

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In Peru this chewing gum comes with small jokes for read...

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now u said it it makes sense

its the red nose in clowns.

but still.. noone outside Peru will know.


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Yep, a little piece of paper that has a joke... in Peru joke is similar to chiste

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That kid doesn't look peruvian to me.

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Oh, and what is a Peruvian to you? Maybe an Indian with a llama. Yeah that exists. But have you seen Mario Vargas Llosa's or Mario Testino's face? Whiter than yours. All races found in Peru.

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have you ever been in peru?
this country has a lot of races, for your information.

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Back to the ad now: where's the gum coming out of ? Looks like his mouth is below.

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is that joke written on the bubble gum which he is trying to read

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come on guys take it easy .. i guess this add is going to kids not adults adulst i think that kids may love the way this boy eat the gum .. so the colours are attractive ...

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the selling line says : chicle con chiste = gum with a joke. it's a simple ad, not award material.

(miguelandréscortés / Graphic Creative / Y&R)

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lost in translation


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no me gusta la pagina

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