Willis tower

Advertising Agency: Zig, USA
Creative Director: Stephen Leps
Art Director: Janay Blazejewski
Copywriters: Geoff Berg, Natalie Taylor
Strategic Planner: Ryan Wilson
Team Leader: Carlie Naftolin
Retoucher: Jeremy Thompson
Studio: Mazen Mansour, William Leung
Print Production: Jen Dark
Music Company: RMW
Music Director: Ted Rosnick
Sound Designer: Tyson Kuteyi


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So does someone think, skyscrapers have feelings ?


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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actually it's nice. if you're from area, you'd feel very strongly against the fact the sears tower is going to be called the willis tower.

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Grace Bastien

he he... I can see what they wanted to achieve.... doesn't do it for me but looks like business is up so who am I to criticize?!

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I really love the body copy. It's got a lot of attitude without being annoying. This one and the next are pretty funny. The previous ad should have been struck from the campaign, IMHO. I don't think it lives up to the other two. Definitely a fresh approach to introducing a new media property and giving it a distinctly Chicago identity.

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