Chicago Lake Liquors: What

Advertising Agency: Brew
Production Company: RunnerRunner
Creative Director: Bruce Bildsten
Director: Josh Thacker
Editor: Brian Slater
Art Directors: Ned Sundby-Munson, Dawn Yemma
Writers: Bruce Bildsten, Tim Bildsten
Line Producer: Amy Thompson
Agency Producer: Kel Nelson
Colorist: Oscar Oboza/Pixel Farm
Photographer: Curtis Johnson
Production Co. Producer: Kathy Yerich


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I'll tell you what a 'cracka' is 'lackin', a sense of humor, a dash of decency, an inkling of intelligence and the balls to be brilliant.

Bruce, Ned and Dawn, please go out and introduce yourselves to some real black people and make a few friends.

Btw, don't use any of this stuff as opening lines, you might not live to regret it.

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266 pencils

ridiculous...Weird type choice...boring stock photography...icky gradient background...not even gonna touch the copy.

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