Chicago Lake Liquors: Sup

Advertising Agency: Brew
Production Company: RunnerRunner
Creative Director: Bruce Bildsten
Director: Josh Thacker
Editor: Brian Slater
Art Directors: Ned Sundby-Munson, Dawn Yemma
Writers: Bruce Bildsten, Tim Bildsten
Line Producer: Amy Thompson
Agency Producer: Kel Nelson
Colorist: Oscar Oboza/Pixel Farm
Photographer: Curtis Johnson
Production Co. Producer: Kathy Yerich


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straight hustlin some African American culture instead of coming up with a decent ideas.

Who knew the klan was starting an agency?

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1449 pencils


Quite really.

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Who knew a black guy could much such a stupid senseless comment? Oh wait, the KKK.

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Heeeeeeey, I'm a white guy. you hurt my feelings!

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Pretty average. Old whiteys speaking ebonics has been done before - only a million times better; Saatchis NYC did a TV spot for a telco with elderly folks talking like gangsters. That was funny. This barely gets a smile.

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