Chicago Cubs: Winters

Advertising Agency: Jones, Chicago, USA
Creative Directors: Dan Madole
Art Director: Dan Madole
Copywriter: Scott Maney
Designers: Meng Yang, Jennifer Campbell
Published: January 2009


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Jones Chicago. Home of the same lame headline x 5.

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Love it!

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Disco Munky
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I can't find a link to an image, but these remind me of a series of posters for the Yankees last season.

Anyone see those? They had to do with it being the last season at Yankee stadium. They were really similar.

"Être un invité, doit être un imbécile"

Doin' it for the points

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jai hind
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you are true, i too have seen 'em

jai hind
art director

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ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: Why do one crappy headline when we could do five?

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competent at best.

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These are very cool.

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The copy is formulaic, repetitive and boring and the art direction is unimaginative. Just like last year's Wrigley Field campaign.


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At least it was done by the same agency. That could have been awkward.

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If you know anything about the baseball, you will know the famous sign.
Great work

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At least the quality of the ads fits the client. ;)

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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