Chevrolet Spark: Thoughts

Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide, New Delhi, India
Art Director: Dushyant Chopra
Copywriter: Mahim Chaudhuri
Published: September 2008


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The car itself is cute as all heck (doncha know), but the ad? Uhm... not so.

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Guest commenter

Its worth nothing that the last thought they have is to get alcohol while driving.

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Not very exciting. The map looks too perfect and the house icon feels out of place, kinda clip-arty. Weak copy too...

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Crisp One
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i think they have a term they use for art direction like this, it rhymes with the word "crap"

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That's right, and it is pronounce like that also...

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Guest commenter

- -;

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karan karan

nice idea and good excution...

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errr... "Need beer" in a car ad?

Good thing there is no thought in there like "ACK Where did that tree come from" which would have ended the dotted line

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Guest commenter

the team had run out of thoughts alright, before doing this ad

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I need a beer, then I crash and die.

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"A car so uninspiring to drive that you will run out of things to occupy your mind before the tank runs out." That must have been too wordy for the copy. The ad is a great map of the thought behind this ad, however. Late to work, giving a fake excuse, checking out the cute receptionist, skipping creative meetings, grabbing a beer, slapping this together.

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