Chevrolet: Snow

Don't let nature make you feel insignificant.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Sebastián Castañeda
Creative Directors: Mariano Legname, Rodrigo García Polignano
Art Director: Juan Lódola
Copywriter: Sebastian Lombroni
Illustrator: Tino Lopez Saubidet

July, 2010


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love the line. beautiful insight

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why would nature make me feel insignificant?

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"only in america!"

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Like It! Very insightful.

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So is this what Chevy's agency is doing after their client's Chapter 11?

"Ubi hubave lubearned thubat ubanuby fubool cuban wrubite uba bubad ubad, bubut thubat ubit tubakes uba rubeal gubenubiubus tubo kubeep hubis hubands uboff uba gubood ubone."
-Lubeo Buburnubett

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como background en la tienda está bien la idea ..

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nature doesnt make me feel insignificant in a negative way, that is to say, it isn't patronising the way people can be. yes, it makes me feel small in terms of scale, but that is the reality of it - nature IS bigger than me, and will outlive me for several millenia more, possibly. i don't want to be deluded even for a moment that i am stronger. the line doesn't resonate with what i believe.

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This ad takes up another level as it features this Chevy Captiva in different environments. It just goes to show that this car can stand the test of nature whether be it the snow or savanna. So how would nature make you feel insignificant? LOL

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