Chevrolet: Slingshot

Don't take risks. Always wear a seatbelt.

Advertising Agency: McCann Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Ricardo Corsaro
Art Director: Francisco Guzmán
Copywriter: Lucciano Marisio
Illustrator: Garage Studio


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The missile here, upon launch, would be flying backwards where a person in the car would usually be launched forwards - this makes the ad technically incorrect for me.

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you need to flip your mind around.

Nice init

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Your mind is technically incorrect.
You pull the object back and then release, launching it forward.
Having said that, I doubt Chevrolet appreciates its cars being likened to dangerous weapons...

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interesting concept.

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You get the idea, but I agree that is technically incorrect and a little fatalist.

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NY Belfry
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Always wear a seatbelt - {insert vehicle company here}

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Great concept guys! congrats!!!

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Ramat Ajala
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Cannes is waiting for you!
Great ads.

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This would be fantastic if it were a national road safety ad. But a car brand likening their product to an assault weapon isn't good.

Nice init

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