Chevrolet: Roller

The blind spot is no longer blind.

Campaign to reinforce the importance of having the blind spot sensor and how every day accidents could be avoided.

Copywriters: Breno Cotta, Alejandro López, Eduardo Espinoza.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Mexico City, Mexico
Creative Directors: Javi Carro, Breno Cotta
Art Director: Alejandro López
Photographer: Ale Burset
Post Production: Diego Speroni, Murilo Viviurca Marcondes
Additional credits: F16 Producciones
Art Buyers: Nayely Valle, Lando López

March 2014


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it is well executed but question is the blind spot so that the skater can see the car? I feel a luck of connection to the car seeing the skater here it seems the skater can see the car coming from wherever.

groovy baby!

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I agree, it looks good, but it isn't saying what I think they want it to say.

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Not really working. Agree with above

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weird concept

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