Chester Zoo: Botanical Gardens, 1

At Chester Zoo, see ferocious lions, savage bears and wild flowers.

Creative Director: Nick Carter
Art Director: Antony Antonio
Copywriter: Nick Carter
Photographer: Kevin Radcliffe

May 2016


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the current campaign is just the opposite compared to your bed specialist campaign. That one was brilliant.

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One thing I hate about reviewing ads is that we interpret them in a completely unrealistic manner. Never in real-world situation, would a target audience member see three Chester Zoo print ads in rapid succession, like I've just done. When I got to the third one, it felt a tad formulaic; I could kind of tell when the pay off was going to hit, and it doesn't feel unexpected or surprising. But a reader would never see this campaign that way. They would see one and then maybe a month later, see another. In that way, I'm sure the lines work much better.

Have a seat. We have an idea.

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