Cheeky Monkey: Orchard

Early in the morning the farmer wanders through his orchard tending to each and every ripening apple like a newborn.
When he turns his back they're ours.
Introducing new Cheeky Monkey's Orchard Situation. Deliciously healthy almonds, sunflower seeds, apple and a hint of spice, clustered together with an all-natural glaze. No artificial colours, flavours or sticky sweet stuff.
Cheeky Monkey. By name. By nature.

Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, Australia
Illustrator: Christian Borstlap
Creative Director: Rocky Ranallo
Art Directors / Copywriters: Paul Sharp, Gary Dawson


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I love the illustration. Love the smart sweet copy... thank god the copy ain't cheeky.
message conveyed...

|dizligzig drunk... the heights|

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very true to the product love the copy :)

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Hahaha, nice text. The illustration style was very well chosen. Good job!

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greaaaaaaaat, i love it. beautiful illustration+smart copy = one of the most refreshing ads, it doesn't shock, nor does it give heartaches or use "dirty" nuances.

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