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What is this Etnhof Solutions? Samsung mobile phones are not even their account. Please remove this ad ASAP before legal action is taken. Mssrs Sangeeta and Suraiya, please watch some TV as LG mobile (our competition) is running a similar commercial on TV quite regularly. Doing something like this under the Samsung name ruins the image of the brand! Please refrain from using the Samsung Mobile brand name for your 'trivial' creative pursuits.

Ivan, please ensure the legitimacy of work sent in by your regulars as this could get into quite a legal hassle...even though we may not want this great site to be dragged through the trouble.

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chill man! i think this is a student work. and as per as idea and the concept are concerned, its simple and smart.

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Ah ok! Then let's have a separate page for 'student' entries....for all 'students' working in agencies!

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This is an interesting discussion. I understand the thought that the company should control their what their brand is.

But with the internet and the accessibility to software to create ads at home, that brand control is no longer in the hands of the marketing team. It's in the consumers. In reality that's where a brand should be. The consumer takes ownership of brand and it becomes embedded with in them.

Now the best any marketing team can do is learn to collaborate with their target audience. I wouldn't complain if someone is doing free work for you. To be honest with you this better than some the junk I've seen for Samsung. They are obviously fans of the brand and shouldn't be discouraged. Learn how to make it work for you. You can also learn a lot about how your brand is perceived and make adjustments accordingly.

I would however question how they are trying to pass themselves off as an agency. That's not good.

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I am sure you have read a few comments on the page before keying down your comments. Namely, the one with the web link (that's the blue coloured, neatly arranged alphabets that link you to other sites) that this is a 'genuine' copy from an older piece. Then, there is a part in my comment that says this is also lifted from a commercial (on air) for another cell-phone company in the country. These guys also live in the same country. You may like copies....but not every one has similar taste!

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Thanks Captain Sarcasm

I agree with you, dishonesty is not something I'm interested in either. Copycats are generally easy to spot (this is another advantage of the internet)and will get their own. I did misunderstand the situation a little here and I apologize.

That aside I was commenting on something larger namely the old world mentality of trying to control your brand like a fascist and there are brands that still do this. Lego once tried to get everyone to stop calling their product "Legos" (something that probably started with their core audience, kids) It just seemed petty and ridiculous and made them look silly. It could be argued that it would do them well to officially add an s on their logo and call it a day since the real owners of their brand are kids.

I'm just saying don't look like a fool by taking legal action on a couple of nobodies that likely screwed themselves over for a long time by posting this ad on ads of the world.

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No legal action yet, bro! But the site needs to differentiate between student work and mainstream work! It's not the kids' fault....more of the site!

Thanks for understanding my concern.

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bad bad bad bad bad.....

Student work

"Flooded with art"

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Very bad execution...

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Remembered me of this: Someone pointed out seeing something similar for samsung, probably this, but also someone pointed out that it was done a long time ago for a watch.

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my boy, hallo, done dana done done before.

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for student work its not a bad idea at all,
agreed execution could be a bit better, but overall a good idea!
well done!

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liked it


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Good idea. That is it.

"Everyday is one short life"

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capton john
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hum....Nice ad! It fits on both aspects concept & art direction. May be possible that this ideas had used in past but I liked it because its simple & smart.

Keep it up Dear!

Think, Act, Invent.

Think, Act, Invent.

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You aren't in advertising...are you?

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hey ivan I'd love to float a new website. it'll be fun.
Lol. just kidding.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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I don't know about India, but in the states not a lot of people put charms on their phones. 8 years ago they did, but not now. If the ad wasn't labeled "Charm" then the execution would have been lost. I enjoy the thought but some other execution would have been more effective.

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student, next...

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I mean, you just don't do that to cell phone. There are other ways to show that it is thin. This is the kind of idea that may come up but get thrown out during brainstorming session.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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i really like the idea though. it works as a thin usp.

but its done, sorry cheater.

and for the student thingy, if its published (either on public or jus student magazine), it is okay.
but if not, just simply label it student (or put the institute name)

and raverus, just because it is a student, doesn't mean it's bad. please be constructive (points a middle finger at you)

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nice idea!
bad execution...

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jai hind
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but this same idea was done in 2003-2004 in mudra delhi and incidentally for samsung only, i remember it as i were a trainee there and the CD who worked on it happened to be my boss there at that point of time

jai hind
art director

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