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thats just stupid

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fala fulani
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Yeah, but stupid in a funny way.

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Cheetah is a bit of a recurrent character for this french brand, uh ? I recall a film with a guy outrunning a cheetah to steal its prey. Thus well done and fun for some meat seller IMO.

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See/say. And it should say "carnivores," not "carnivorous."

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Yes! It make no sense as "carnivorous"... :(

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Agency fixed it. Tx!

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Is this a scam? If it isn't then the Creative Director and the Copywriter should be fired! It should read "carnivores," not "carnivorous." Unless the line was meant to read, "... a new hunting ground for the carnivorous!" Either way, the mistake is unacceptable!

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Leo Burnett? France?? My god, send some people there to get things back where they must be... come on!!... this is 70's

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Muy bien

Agencia de Publicidad

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Love it, its so funny!

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Nice Concept, Bad Copy. Really Bad Copy

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Definitely a nod back to one of Charal's tv adverts... the cheetah is certainly one of Earth's most formidable hunting carnivores... hmmm, maybe they can cover the advert campaign one step further by featuring some more famous hunters... a family of lions? Wolf pack? The possibilities are endless and it might even diversify. Up to you.

And the ides of getting a cheetah in a parka - absolutely humorous if at all silly. The cheetah certainly is much at home in the hot African savannah, but how he's built for these conditions... just no use in the fridge/freezer section at a supermarket, if you can greatly imagine.


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This one is the best of the whole series.

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Oh come on! It is fun. Not brilliant, but fun and light-hearted. Haven't seen any good ad for meat here since... well I haven't!
Ps : what's that with the writing ? It reads Carnivores... ??

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