Channel 4: Gilbert

Advertising Agency: 4creative, London, UK
Creative Director: Tom Tagholm
Art Director: Joseph Ernst
Producer: Liz Arnott
Photographer: David Stewart


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Impossible to tell why this is funny, or the others, including lady ass-licker (may be donkey but, hey, comedy right?). Print ad for a show a massive part of this forum won't be able to watch, not a fair game to ask whether your advertising works. But yes, I'd watch it to see if you're taking the piss out of the disabled, or being cruel to animals, so if you gauge success by someone ripping a torrent to see if you're as stupid as you seem, then yes, here's your prize. It's a carrot and stick set.

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Anonymous Author
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Exquisite styling and art direction. Would love to see a line of copy to match.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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No wonder they tried to keep it limited to print. Here's the TV ad that aired in the UK.

Have to say having said all that, that I will have to watch some of this.
Might be funny.

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