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Ok ... and we are the Middle Eastern Arabs are neither black or white, so not into this Racist war! :)
but we still do not get it ...

It is a targeted Ad, strangely done in South Africa! :)
i am not using any stereotypical thinking ...

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Well, I'm am a white half Southafrican and I get it. Good show, good ad and good layout.

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i think they're saying that "they" are in the habit of scrimping and saving... hence use one soap for a variety of applications...
but then again, im an off-white indian... what do i know!!

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Just a guess here... These kinds of soaps are common in Africa, very long bars that one can cut up in little pieces and use just enough when you need it, without getting the rest soaked. I guess the bar in this ad here is being apportioned for various purposes, perhaps because the owner is too poor to afford all the different stuff (hand gel, shampoo, etc.) maybe this is a common thing for black people in SA?

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I also think the soap represents, “being creative with what you have when you’re on a budget”.
In this case it would be a local or territorial custom.

As if the station was music just for skateboarders and the ad was filled with slang that only skateboarders would understand.

“If you get this you’ll get us”.

I think...

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Hmm.. I guess it's a pretty nice ad talking about some INSIDE culture. Something their target consumers do and can relate themselves with. Something that's unofficially a patented behavior of a certain group. :: You do it---you are black---we know you--there's a channel that knows you.

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The best part of the ad is the pay-off line, it's is spot on because you will only get this ad if you're South African! This campaign has been going for a couple of years, each one I have seen utlitizes a very specific trait of urban, black South Africans.

I don't think this is a racist ad at all because it does not criticise or condemn any other race. I would think of it as more of a niche market campaign. A proudly black, proudly African ad if you will...

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Very true. The thing is that the African blacks DO use soap for every possible purpose. Don't really know why though. Has nothing to do with money or so. It's like some people use glass polish for every possible and impossible reason...
Guess it remains a mystery for all times...

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OOOH Callouts!

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Can anybody help us all understand the ad.

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i dont quite get it
but hey...i'm polynesian...offcourse i dont get it :)

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Whats this got to do with a music channel?

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isn´t it rather clear example of a bar of herbal staff "neatly" made ready for the market???

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i m clue less can anyone explain me what this ad means???

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