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erhanali's picture
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This is the best of the serie.
Good job guys. Fine art. Extra fine line.

"Everyday is one short life"

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Google earth doesn't need to advertise and even if it did, it wouldn't be in magazines. Sorry, nice try.

Big Friendly Monster 822's picture
Big Friendly Mo...
Activity Score 159

Couldn't agree more wif u ernahali! Among the others i feel too this is the best...

Mr.Top's picture
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It is just trying too hard... besides being a fake... an ABSOLUTELY FAKE AD... no real benefits of G-Earth.

monicamexico's picture
Activity Score 830

These are bad. First, Google Earth is free and would never advertise. Secondly, your icons are too simplistic and make Google Earth look like it doesn't do anything great, when really, it provides satellite imaging of the whole Earth. Scrap this campaign. It's terrible.

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Activity Score 1254

agree 100%. so moscow is all white?... hummm. doesn't work at all.
it's not even interesting to look at.
and it's VERY interesting to look at google earth, so... really bad.

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