Change in Saudi Arabia, 3

May 2008
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CHANGE is an international upscale brand providing quality lingerie, swimwear and homewear. The objective of the ad was to announce the launch of CHANGE in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The ads' main focus is to utilize the concept behind censorship in Saudi Arabia to pull focus on the Brand's product line and to transform censorship into art. The ads are all in English, as they target an upscale bilingual audience.

Cover anything but the lingerie.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Creative Director: Mazen Hassan
Art Director / Illustrator: Yasser Alireza
Copywriters: Yasser Alireza, Fitna Nazer
Account management: Khaled Shalha

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In Saudi Arabia, all the ads where there are women, if the woman was not decent, they cover the skin with a marker, cover her arms if she was wearing sleeveless, her breasts if her blouse or shirt was open and her boobs are about to pop out, her legs if she wasn't covering her knees. I know this may sound ridiculous, but this is the culture, I may not like but I have to respect. Anyways, after all the explanation I just mentioned, the idea of the Ad that they are keeping the lingerie uncovered.
I hope this was a good explanation was a bit useful or helpful.