Champion Pet Food: For better looking dogs, 2

For better looking dogs

Advertising Agency: Porta, Santiago, Chile
Chief Creative Officer: Kiko Carcavilla
Creative Directors: Felipe Valdivia, José Miguel Pizarro
Art Director: Eugenio Spencer
Copywriter: Matías Roa
Photographers: Claudio Robles, Eugenio Spencer

April 2013


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hehe, made me laugh.

makes dogs vain. cute,
not super special though

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not special, but good.

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can't get it.

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food that makes your dog look and feel good (healthy food)

so much so that he takes self-portraits like the myspace pictures vain teens take of themselves.

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i like this one better cus it's more creative. dogfood that makes your dog look and feel good is less obvious than a beauty salon that does the same.

although i recognize the visual recourse has been done

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Lisa Rothstein
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Took me a second to get it...might have been better with a box around the dog's head (like some cameras and smart phones show, that zero in on the faces in the photo) to make it a faster read that it was a photo. But still cute and a fun idea. Love his "smile"

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