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I like this shot of the chair... nothing very inspiring about the campaign though. Just looks like everything got left out in the rain

A. J. SMITH's picture
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No this is cack, how did this get to production stage?

Unless there is something i am missing.

Is it just to get a black object and add condensation?

Actually, changed my mind. 7/10.

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a chair can be cool? even with drops?

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Dick Huges
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Ok, what does that mean? When I drink I can think of women, sports, friends, etc. But if you drink look to a chair and says: black is beautiful you have problems.

For making a campaign that makes no sense at all you win only half internet. And the bottom half.

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Oh man Dick, wanna be my valentine? You SO made my day.

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Okay, I guess this one is a bit more sophisticated.
It addresses designers, architects who know that is is not just a chair but the 'Panton chair'
Designed by Verner Panton in 1967.
It's an icon.


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PaulyG_fill in ...
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Knowing that makes this a little bit better - but it's still not as good as the motorcycle and the leather boot - i don't know anyone who is turned on by a chair - not the same way we get turned on by fast motorcycles and leather-clad women.

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whts the ad abt?????

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our product is just as cool as other products that are already established / legendary.

Endeio's picture
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Good art direction. Anyway, I'll give it 3/10.

Kanti's picture
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It's different...would stick out from other beers. Not sure what it says though.
If it's a new brand and doesn't have a heritage I think people would want to drink it...why not!

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Good Art direction.....nice thinking. Now i feel like drinking...lol

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