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i like the art work very much.
even if i did not get the message.

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i don't either

~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Maybe you didn´t understand the message because what makes it understandable is the copy. It´s an environmental ad; to take care of it and against forests destruction. The copy says that the forests are not abandonded; there are people who destroy this forests for economic intrest.

I know the translation is preety bad, but hope you will have an idea of the whole ad, and not only can you appreciate the art.

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Actualy, the translation on this one is not that bad.

The art direction of this collection is superb. Nice job!

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i like the ad. the copy and art complement each other well. though both could have been better

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Excellent art direction on these! Luv 'em all!

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