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i can't c

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You can't see? What not?

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i forgot to put my lences

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I've got the feeling there's a big idea behind this, but I'm not getting it instantly. Ivan, I guess you do. Or is it just something that these vitamins make your kid extremely vivid, shown by the contrast of a 'dead' landscape and a more 'cheery' one? If so... the lightning striking the house (see other ad) is quite distracting...

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Cevalin are Vitamins, so this is trying to say that the kids are going to be protected when its bad weather.

Off the record: the trees is this one should be green on the top, with leaves (where the Cevalin is covering)

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OOOOOOh, joy of life, here I come!

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Lazzzzzzzzzzzy. NEXT

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How is a Mexican person who is rarely, if ever, exposed to snow or the cold of winter supposed to relate to this shot of New York in January? Fail.

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don't like and it doesn't snow like that in Mexico.

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i like the idea but i don't like the art direction

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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it looks like a student work,
or just a raw print.

Don´t think this was ever published.

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