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No line needed actually...

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Eso!!! Buen trabajo Y&R. Que bueno ver trabajos de mi pais. :)

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Indudable. Incluso el estilo de las luces, por más que parece sacado de
la película "Retroceder nunca, rendirse jamás" me gusta mucho.

Muy bien Y&R!.

"Aquí también se opina en español".

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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You dont notice the beer and when you do it doesnt really inspire you to buy it. Nice idea but misses the point.


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lowenbrau in dominican republic is not a beer, is a malt beverage, famous between elderly people and construction worker for the stregnt lowenbrau gives them.

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Very front-of-mind thought.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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In India you show that finger when you wanna pee.

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in america, you show it when you're gay.


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I far preffered the tug-of-war one, and still can't get past the 'Guiness for strength' ads from yonks ago that this reminds me of.



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1 Nigga
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For all you ignorant niggas.
In Dominicana, all the hard working niggas drink malt as part of their diet.
In Dominicana, malt is like a complete meal so hard working niggas keep themselves strong for keeping up with all the physical tasks.
In Dominicana, malt is considered an energetic-some bitter-some sweet beverage and it won't be long before beer is considered a soft drink too.
Dominicans are crazy about beer so it is understandable that anything else that comes from it would be embraced likewise.

You go with your women to Dominicana, and you'll come back home alone, man. Imagine people raised ond beer and malt.

Holla at my niggas!!

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Bien! pero la fotografía parece sacada de los setentas, y no necesita ese texto de cierre

Nice! but the photograph looks very seventies, no line needed

Que se hable español!

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there's an error in the category, this is not an alcoholic beverage campaing.

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