Central Nacional Unimed: Tiger

Cancer can also be hidden and you just don't know.

Advertising Agency: FAM, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Fabio Siqueira, Thiago Taufic
Art Director: Deny Zatariano
Copywriter: Rogério Coutinho
Illustrator: Estúdio Bonito
Art Buyer: Cecília Quirico

June 2012


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wow extreme visuals but really nice art direction....i like it

groovy baby!

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it looks disgusting, so well done on that! but i don't get a connection between the animal fur and human cancer.
it doesn't really work.

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The "stripes" look like a tiger hide from a distance. Zoom in and you see it's a bunch of centipedes, hiding in plain sight. This is how cancer hides itself.

TexasH's picture
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Is it an ad for animals' cancers? Seriously!
I think this is really bad, so far from what we are talking about and so far from any insights...
Shame with such an important cause to end up with this kind of AOTW visuals...

riyelam's picture
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It's a shame that people like you belongs to this industry....

dean viii's picture
dean viii
1674 pencils

It's a shame you belong. This campaign is not good for many reasons.

ivan's picture

Please no personal attacks!

riyelam's picture
366 pencils

Sorry Ivan...

TexasH's picture
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Lol, thank you. You're obviously the glory of it. :)

But, putting aside the personal attack, i would like to understand why YOU think this ad is great?
Why you truly, deeply believe that a campaign showing animals fur (which are not really animal fur, bla bla bla) are related to human cancer prevention?
And how this is effective (because that is the point of the industry i don't belong into)?

VampAd's picture
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I agree.

riyelam's picture
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Cancer symptoms can be hidden like same... eg. one is feeling extreme pain in lower back and thinks he has a orthopedic problem and treats accordingly but after several wasted tries he figure out it's metastasis (babies of Cancer). One urinate more than normal and thinks there is something wrong with kidneys or renal system malfunction and treats accordingly but after several wasted tries he figure out it's prostate cancer, one is suffering from consisting cough and thinks he has tuberculosis and treats accordingly but after several wasted tries he figure out it's lung cancer. I'm not very good at english so can't explain the connection but above example will give you a fair idea.

TexasH's picture
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First, don't worry about your english, mine is pretty bad anyway.

Then, you give me the message in the brief here: "Cancer symptoms can be hidden...". I perfectly understood it and i think it's a good brief. Now, my question was more about the "...like same", the ad they made with it. Why you think this execution, if you prefer, is great. Why showing insects who, from far looks like animals fur stripes, is the best way to express this message. What if i do paintings (no faces, it would be insightful, no just landscapes, and from near, you see it's made of bad fruits? Is it great as well?
And finally, how you think that someone having the symptoms you're talking about will see this ad and say: damn! i have to go check myself right now.

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Exactly, and i think the idea of this one is exactly the same with the Ridsect print campaign

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Tiger is a danger but one can see it and control it or avoid it but those insects are hidden and one can put his hands on them and get hurt. Both are dangers but bigger one you can at least avoid but in case of hidden chances are low, :)

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I rest my case. Thanks.

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I loved! Nice art direction and strong concept!

TexasH's picture
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You realize that we all know you're from the agency, right? ;))

ItMatters's picture
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Spot on. ha ha ha ha! Back to the ad, I don't think a normal person look at it and get it at all.

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show de bola...gostei

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dean viii
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the ad is certainly different.

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I think this same visual works better with a stronger concept. Like here: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/wwf_tiger

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Fernando Fernandes
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O vísivel se torna visível por negligência!

salil.sharma's picture
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awesome campaign
great visuals
cool art direction & excellent execution
i love it

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thx 4 explanataion... awesome campaign...

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