Centennial College: Einstein

Einstein didn't own a hairbrush either.
Be great. Start here. Centennial College

Advertising Agency: Smith Roberts Creative Communications, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Brian Smith, Malcolm Roberts
Art Director: Greg Kouts
Copywriter: Dave Barber
Photographer: Daniel Ehrenworth/Veer

September 2009


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Looks like a first class education. Christ, if people find this kind of ad for "higher" education enticing, we deserve to hand over the car keys to complete douche bags.

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Yet another disparaging comment about an ad on this site. Has anyone ever said anything good about something here? Or is it a safe place to make amateurs feel as if they're comments are meaningful and important.

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Speaking for myself: I visit this web page to see bright ideas and execution, not for cursing the intelligence and creativity.

However, I also would like to ask the questions the job brings to me... How is the girl helping the idea? The first impression is; it is about teenages (and teenage sex) with boy's hands position.

I'm sure we all could understand the intention of the idea: "you can be an einstein here even if the only resemblance with him is bad hair."

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My Dad is an Ad Man
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Oh come on! I think you're reading into it too much.

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geez!! so bad!

| Everartz |

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Ok this is becoming clearer. I read through the pizza ad... but this really just confirms it. Centennial is out right saying their college offers acceptance. That sounds like a dangerous message to send to parents and students that Centennial doesn't promote any of their other core values except acceptance.

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Tommy G.
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Are they really comparing Einstein with this overweighted teenager?

It's like comparing to Beethoven with fast food, what a shame. Seriously.

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Be careful with the message. This message sopouse to be for the parents. This kids looks like stupid.

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The only image in this series that shows students I might want to attend college with is the one with the women. The rest show prospective male students as being slackers or idiots - and this one suggests their main demographic is douchebags.

Seriously crappy advertising for a college, any college at all.

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Be there forever.

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