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Disco Munky
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That's really nice.

I like that they don't try to draw "love" for a change but just a well observed moment of intimacy but just with a quick sketch, which also kind of fits those types of moments.

Well crafted elegance.

I really like.

And seeing as I'm first to say something I get to call dips on any suggestions that people give that I may find use for in , oh lets say...my book. That cool with everyone?


"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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should have been a girl on a guy... would have depicted intimacy properly

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Disco Munky
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So, that's picture of two dudes feet is it?

We'll get them to change it to straight intimacy so you don't fret.


Doin' it for the points

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I am totaly agree with Disco, providing this kind of quick, complete understanding of a theme is very rear mostly people got a part of the add, but this is perfect, even it have some similar impact with an old add also from UAE but this one is good.

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Guys... if this ad is for pen.. then i want to know.. why that pen is better than other's.
Otherwise I can also write a letter with any other pen..in the world.. According to this ad.. I dont necessarily need 'Cello Pens'.

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You can also be happy without drinking Coca Cola. IMO, this ad is made to promote brand values. So I wouldn't expect hard sell (based on a product USP) in these kind of ADs.

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I agree. The ad is great. Period.


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Well said I-Know-All.

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yun siang orangutan
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Good work.

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Guest commenter

how can we awer the customers to bye the porduct

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Guest commenter

hey guyz
i'm doing a class project on "cello pen".......
can u plz help me out by telling me some useful point abt "cello pen"

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Guest commenter

show the good qualitys of this pen

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