The 1950's

January 2013
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We recreated the chintz, colored the tissues, innovated in textures. And still have people who asks us why we don't celebrate the launch of black-and-white television. Cedro Textil: 140 years wearing the Brazil.
From chintz to denim, from denim to the future: the history of Brazil's fashion pass through the history of Cedro. Flexile as jeans wear, Cedro always anticipated global trends, invested in textile technology and, through the years, dressed generations and the development of Brazil.

Advertising Agency: Reciclo, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcone Procópio
Art Directors: Renê Bionor, Marcone Procópio
Copywriter: Aline Layoun
Photographer: Márcio Rodrigues

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we appreciate the use of brazilian boobies in these series but apart from that, these are quite uninteresting.


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