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Ugly and unappetizing. Nothing about these make me want to go get a Whopper.

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I agree

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nice art work

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When I saw this from a distance I was shocked. I thought someone had stolen some of my compressed teas.


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maybe this would work better if it was for the right product...

very generic and replaceable.

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i dunno, but i dont hate it

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would this be called borrowed interest?

... its already been done...

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Replace the Burger King logo with any other logo and it works exactly the same. I agree with the comment that's it's generic and replaceable. It's a big 'so what'.

Plus the tagline doesn't fit: "irriplaceable since 1957". We're talking about change, so the logical extension of that is "unchanged since 1957" or "exactly the same since 1957." The concept has nothing to do with being irriplaceable.

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instinctive tra...
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i do agree teenie. the tag line should have read unchanged since 1957.

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Fede Durán
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sorry, but sound better in spanish

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Fede Durán
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Thanks to everybody for the feedback

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Why the logo has been placed in different positions?
If you check out this one and the one with the cell phone, the logo placement are completely different.

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it reminds you that the whopper is a classic!! just that...

after having the thought of that, you desire one!