CCSVI nella Sclerosi Multipla Onlus: Champagne Cage, Man

90% of people with multiple sclerosis have clogged neck and chest veins. A simple procedure to unblock their veins can stop the disease and improve symptoms. Help us to support “Brave Dreams”, a revolutionary research project to finally make this surgery free and available to all. Make a donation on

Advertising Agency: Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Rome, Italy
Creative Directors: Francesco Taddeucci, Luca Albanese
Art Director: Alessandro Izzillo
Copywriter: Daniele Dionisi
Photographer: Stefano Pedretti


Frenk's picture
6 pencils

Good shot and good ads! I like it

Taylormade's picture
412 pencils

It looks like if I help, then this guy's head will shoot off.

Sarah80's picture
207 pencils

i like it!

Bob Bottillieri's picture
Bob Bottillieri
15 pencils

it's very impressive. Nice shot.

Estefania81's picture
13 pencils

the images is very strong, It give you a real oppressive feeling.

ZaboZaboZabo's picture
595 pencils

This ads are quite simple and beautiful. I like the long copy instead of a headline. Well done.

Taylormade's picture
412 pencils

People are getting that this is like the cork on a champagne bottle, right? I don't get what that metaphor has to do with curing this disease.

GaboGabo's picture
106 pencils

I like it so much. The ads is capable of to give you exactly the feeling of people with multiple sclerosis. A simple surgery to "unclog" the veins, give them a life back.
It's so simple and well done.

scarlet monk's picture
scarlet monk
7 pencils

A very strong and suggestive image.

jackblack's picture
2261 pencils

Freakin horrible.

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

Buono! Molto, buono!

Will Think for Salary

mariaose's picture
12 pencils

Brillante, optima fotografia.

le roi's picture
le roi
128 pencils

The images are very strong and give the same feeling of people with multiple sclerosis. Pop up the pop and the veins will be unclogged. Nice guys! compliments.

le roi's picture
le roi
128 pencils

I like IT!!!!

karmacoin's picture
688 pencils

its lame when the own agency gotta give the stars... lame... -10

Taylormade's picture
412 pencils

It is interesting how many people with brand new accounts seem to love this ad.

Troll's picture
612 pencils

Very convenient. Always seems the case that people with the least amount of pencils always talks up a weak idea, and yes this is one of those.
Have some class.

Anzor's picture
32 pencils

ain't true ... maybe they liked the art direction .. or photography .. or the copy instead the headline .. but when i saw this ad .. i just wanted to stay away from it

Hadrons's picture
5743 pencils

The image doesn't really reflect the situation.


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