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I’ve made a creative team win a lion at Cannes.

Homeless and disable people are helping many advertising professionals to achieve success. Not mentioning the ones wounded in wars and the ones infected with AIDS, who are always giving a helping hand. But, isn’t it the other way around? Next time you have a brilliant idea for a starving nation, war refugees or AIDS victims ad, remember to ask yourself this: brilliant for whom?

Clube de Criação do Rio de Janeiro

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draftfcb Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Cristina Amorim, Fernando Barcellos
Art Director: Marcelo Lobo
Copywriter: Rafael Pitanguy
Photographer: Gustavo Malheiros
Published: June 2007


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Dammmmnnn thats powerfull. The truth hurts.

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Finally! A campaign that actually kicks all those social service scams(that seem to be doing nothing
beneficial to the cause advertised for) in the ass. If these scammers would stop creating ads to appear
on each blog on the planet and win metals, we would have some social service actually done through

Good job Giovanni+Draftfcb.

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i agree sacadelic, but lets ask ourselves this question. Did Giovanni+Draftfcb do it for the same reason?? Why did they post it on adsoftheworld? will they send it to awards? it would be sad if they did.

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very true. Posting it on this site just improves visibility to the target audience - agencies.
hopefully even if they win any metal, to do justice to this campaign, they should just
turn it down. or probably, not submit this work to the awards at all! lets see what they do about it.
And if they do accept the metals, this would be the most hypocritical campaign ever.

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To submit to awards costs alot of money, it aint free.

Id rather they would use the money and give it to charity.

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I think if the card read, 'I've helped a client feel good about themselves' it would be closer to the truth.

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ok..So how much money did Giovanni+Draftfcb Rio de Janeiro, Brazil donated for those " models" on the ad?... Because it looks to me that it is bitting it's on tail...If you do that for the reasons they so proudly present on the ad they should not be entering any awards with it...but I'm sure it will be in cannes this year...I bet a meal it will.

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urely its the clients who pay for the phography, thats the way it works everywhere else, why would it be different at Giovanni+Draftfcb Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

I think you meant how much did Clube de Criação do Rio de Janeiro pay the models?

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It's kind of true yes, but organisations increase awareness with those ads which make them raise more money. Money that will in turn be beneficial to these people.
In short: no ads = no money = no help...

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drunk dave
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Do you know the amount effort it takes to get a pro-bono ad done properly? Asking favours from photographers, retouchers, get that one freee media flighting. Yes we deserve awards, after that the client can take his award winning work and flight it as much as he wants. Stop whining and start winning.

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Charlie Pratt
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I like these ads, but it's terribly ironic how they are making their point. It's like fighting the porn industry with ads of nude (yet ethical) models.

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the creative team for this ads will win a cannes lion :::

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This creative team used the poor for no good use. They wont even help the poor in any intangible way too.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Advertising Pawn
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Terribly ironic and brilliant at the same time.


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brilliant for both sides. it's a symbiosis.
this campaign is non-sense.

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