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whoa. are they still rocking the analog radio tuners in brazil? cuba i could see, but not brazil.

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Yeah, I barely recognized the bars as having anything to do with a radio. I thought it was a ruler at first.


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I´m from Rio de Janeiro. Good idea, but bad timing, definetely. However, there´s a good chance tough, that the population of Recife, (where this ad agency is from)might still be listening, of course a small percentage of the population, to analogic radio...

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radinho de pilha?

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nice concept, i dont like the art direction. Its bored and old fashión, and the colors, eummm.


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nice idea.

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Donald Draper
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OMG yeah, maybe "modern" people really can't get the idea because it's an analogic tuner... hello?
Let's try to give at least a "creative" call about the ads.

Still being a good idea.

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you're right, modern people use "OMG."

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Donald Draper
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I learned that from an account executive, WTF also....

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ye olde worlde thoughte
what about pole vaulting onto some lcd equalizer bars?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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nice idea n execution.

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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the idea is pretty good as a series, individually they're boring.

& what's up with the light pastel colors in the background changing on each one? that was lame in 1995.


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It´s a nice campaign.

I think most people are looking for award winning kinda stuff, with amazing art work and an idea where you think for 1 second and then crack up "oh my god, that was genius!". Nothing wrong about that, but I think the most importante is to analyze if the ad simply works or not. For me, this one works.

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Me gusta, además no le veo ningún problema en que es un radio analogo, es una tonteria, igual el sintonizador de esa manera es un código universal de este medio.

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