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ellehcimeo's picture
Activity Score 3516

sorry, i'm really tired and can't seem to make out what this ad is about. can someone help me out? everything is melting i'm so tired.

wgeddes's picture
Activity Score 298

cave men have wandered into the throat of a giant monster. also, he stepped in gum. surely, when his torch hits the monster's uvula it will swallow them whole.

basuca's picture
Activity Score 48

it is a cunundrum... it means that the copywriter and the art director were swallowed by a whale.

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7609

when i saw the thumbnail of this i thought it was the hollow of the mouth, or when the
mouth is opened...isnt it?? i dunno!!

| everartz |

Bernd Setzer's picture
Bernd Setzer
Activity Score 6

Sorry, perhaps I´m tired too, but is there any connection between the scenes and the radio except the idea "Shit happens, but you´ll be happy when you listen to our music"? To me this looks like a typical case of an "Böökeman", thats how we call in my country an ad thats trying to make a link between to things that have nothing in common.

leif_erikson's picture
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Hey Bernd, you also know about the Bööökemann? I thought it is just a typical finnish catchfrase. And i don't think you are finnish at all. But you are right. This is defenately a typical Böööööööökemann!

ellehcimeo's picture
Activity Score 3516

okay, it looks like it isn't just me. i didn't get this at all! thanks for trying to help. this is Böökeman for sure.

i'm still really tired though.

A. J. SMITH's picture
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no it isn't just you. It's also me.

Have a coffee. Or just go to bed man.

basuca's picture
Activity Score 48

maybe, contact is a king of radio you can ask for help.

strictalumn's picture
Activity Score 12


this is the most none sense ad i've seen... a BAD kind of none sense tough

kc_brock's picture
Activity Score 703

OMG, the geico guys were eaten!


tiny_wordz's picture
Activity Score 325

great ad... NOT!

RAZ21's picture
Activity Score 255

ditto. i think it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too forced. it's got nice art direction though

"there's nothing more difficult than a line"p.picasso

Lee Clow's picture
Lee Clow
Activity Score 46

this is the end of advertising as we know it.
get a weird visual, put a small line and an even
smaller logo in the corner.
awards have eaten up the business.

A. J. SMITH's picture
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