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Wear your helmet because if you crash you'll become a vegetable?

Took me a second. Not an earth shattering idea, could have possibly dug a bit deeper, but I like it.

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Ed Mintone
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A bit of a stretch for me. Maybe, I should start wearing a helmet.

Did like the 1st one though, as it didn't look too altered.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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The only body part I associate with cauliflower is "ear(s)".
I, too, think this is attempting to communicate: skull injury/fracture = human vegetable. But it doesn't get you there quicker than it should.
Eat your vegetables for a bigger brain. That's a lot faster.
Oh, and reading a copy of The Economist wouldn't hurt, either...

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I think this ad just mean that without a helmet your brain is just as weak and fragile as a vegetable

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Our brain and our head actually

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yep I got same thinking with Gian T

but I think it's not strong enough idea because the dark color , the cauliflower ( n cabbage, especially broccoli ) not showing the weak n fragile , theyre looked so firm , n the bg looks like metal ..

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