Casa & Perfume: Nappies

Trust us, smell it!

The ad was printed in aromatic ink, so the readers could smell the scent of the product.

Advertising Agency: Fala!

Art Director: Deny Zatariano
Copywriter: Frederico Cruz
Creative Director: Augusto Moya
Photographer: Egon Jais, Studio 46

April, 2009


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this is quite disturbing .. no good

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Hey I am a graphic designer and I know what the point they are trying to get across. I think this is a good ad because it gets the clear point across know maybe you should use some kind of freshener if your're going to have dirtly diapers in your trash for a few days. For one the gross smell is toxic to your kids and everyone else in your family that lives in the home and two it is an idea people can use to use this kind of freshener for that type of idea or others such as rotin fish or other foods or dead rodent that you may not know you have in your home or whatever the gross smell you have. So i think this is a great idea for the designers like myself to use that idea for the ad for people out there. Hey you have to face reality and they gave it to ya cut and dry and I think that was a good aproach they used cause its life. Designers cant lie to ya telling you why not to use the product right?

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ewwww gross

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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ambient? why is this ambient?

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Sorry, it's print of course. Fixed it. Thanks!

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gud one ! 5/10


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Pffffff. No good..

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Nooooooooooooooooo, It tells me that this air fragrance is so strong, i'll be overpowered with flowers, and that just gives me a headache thinking about it!!!! Plus also this idea is massively generic! Dump it!!!!!!

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I don't even know where to begin!? I suppose it's effective at pointing out why some people might need this product, however... This ad is a big bowl of wrong!

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ANd a third execution. Just because you execute the same idea 3 times, it doesn't mean you've created a campaign.

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No pay-off.

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No... no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's disgusting but the idea is quite good.

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karan raghav
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good one

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Like it. Good use of magazine.

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Guest you see it's disgusting but the meaning is good...I think it was good to put at the informative magazine.

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no matter how good the idea is
bad visual spoils everything

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You should amplify the size of packaging for create brand awareness, in case of the audience need to pass this page faster than the other ads.

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