Casa do Zezinho: Maps, gum balls

Gum balls and bullets taste just like social problem.
“Casa do Zezinho” is a non-profit organization located in the south of São Paulo around the areas Capão Redondo, Parque Santo Antônio, and Jardim Angela. The house opens a space to act on accomplishment and development to the future of children in need in the area. It is a place of recognition, respect, and human development.
Your help can build a new life path to children in the streets.

Advertising School: Escola Cuca, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Director: Junior Bulhões
Copywriter: Allan Wittmann
Published: October 2010


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ek kanya
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hahahah. i can see the influence of browsing too much. Google Maps in layouts :)

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maybe it's lost in translation but I'm not understanding the headline here.. can anyone explain?

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Very creative!:)


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really ?

Simple ideas are the best !

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There are a lot of ideas better than this.

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