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Ron Burgundy
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different approach, feel like this idea could have achieved through a different execution, and the bic pen ad in the bottom right corner throws me off, but this is different, I like different


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I think I really like this...

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Don't make me hate you.. ;-P Your sort of positive comment throws me off!

This sucks big monkeys. The idea aside, those colors are ghastly.

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Ron Burgundy
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My comment's meat is usually in the middle...the beginning and the end is lube for the sissys

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readers,commit suicide !

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This is great. You're not supposed to read it. You're supposed to get the sense that every ounce of the game is covered and written. And it surely is. Dig it.

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I say it has too much copy...

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Carla Proaño
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Esto ya se hizo en BBDO Ecuador. Diferente marca, misma idea.

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This is very cool.
I like it :D

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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this shade of green is toxic.



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